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Film Screening: Food Chains
Room: Milbank Chapel

Sanjay Rawal
Director, Food Chains

Smriti Keshari
Producer, Food Chains

Produced by Eva Longoria and Eric Schlosser, Food Chainschronicles the Coalition of Immokalee Workers as they battle the giant Floridian retailer, Publix. The film exposes the U.S. supermarket industry’s complicity in perpetuating human rights violations of workers at the base of the agricultural sup-ply chain. Join filmmakers Sanjay Rawal and Smriti Keshari for a question and answer period after the film, followed by a Campaign Action Session, “From Field to Fork,” where you will learn about ways to take action around issues raised by the film.


Race & Equity in the Food System & Why It Matters
Room: HM 150

Nadia Johnson
Policy and Advocacy Director / Farmers' Market Network Manager, Just Food 

Qiana Mickie
CSA Network Manager, Just Food

Racial and economic equity are central to building a fair, just and healthy food system in New York City. What would a racially just food system look like? Where is your power in achieving this system? At this interactive workshop participants will actively reflect on, share and discuss efforts to address racism and food equity through their own work and as part of the broader food justice movement. Come prepared to engage!

Continuum on Becoming an Anti-Racist, Multicultural Institution
Tipsheet: Defining Food Security, Justice and Sovereignty 


Urban Land Tenure in New York City
Room: TH 136

Raymond Figueroa (Moderator)
President, NYC Community Garden Coalition

Karen Washington
La Familia Verde Community Garden Coalition

Brenda Thompson-Duchene
Isabahlia Ladies of Elegance

Mary Elizabeth Prall
596 Acres, Inc. 

Community gardens and urban farms are vital to building food justice and self-reliance in our city. In this workshop urban growers who launched community gardens-- both recently and decades ago--will share their experiences and challenges with accessing and protecting urban land for community gardens in NYC. Discussion will include the current campaign to protect 17 community gardens from being destroyed through a recent city housing initiative.

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