Session 1 Workshops | Urban Agriculture

Date: Sun, March 15
Time: 10:30 AM - 12:00 PM

Category | Urban Agriculture

Growing Without Soil
Room: HM 438

Barry Rothstein
Greenhouse and Systems Manager, Bushwick Campus Farm

Yemi Amu
Co-Founder and Farm Manager, Oko Farms

We will talk briefly about building your own system and several home systems available for purchase. Focus will be mainly on understanding the basics of aquaponics and how to care for your system. 


Seed Saving in NYC
Room: HM 146

Zach Pickens
Founder, Rooftop Ready Seeds

Learn the basics of seed saving to save money on garden seeds and preserve our genetic diversity! From tomatoes, to kale, to flowers and herbs, Zach Pickens, founder of Rooftop Ready Seeds, will show you some simple seed saving tips and dig into the science of seed saving and the unique considerations of saving seed in the city.


Urban Soils 101: Soil Science Basics
Room: HM 138 / 138-A

Molly Culver
Farm Manager, The Youth Farm

In this workshop participants will discuss the basic roles and constituents of soil; how the health of the soil community is the foundation for healthy plants and a sustainable farm; and how to shape our interactions with soil so that we help to nurture the soil community. We'll also touch on urban soil health issues and soil testing. 


Urban Agriculture