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Community Food Projects in Action
Room: HM 140

Greg Anderson (Moderator)
Urban Agriculture Manager, Just Food

Roy Frias
Youth Program Director, East New York Farms

Lucila Santana
Program Supervisor, Beyond Hunger Food Pantry

Betty Mackintosh
Member of Board of Directors, ​Hell's Kitchen Farm Project

Pam Lischen
Member of Board of Directors, ​Hell's Kitchen Farm Project

Issaye Fair

This panel will introduce attendees to the concept of Community Food Projects. The discussion will focus on three different models from Just Food's network: an urban farm, a food pantry, and a rooftop farm. Panelists will discuss how their projects were started, what communities they serve, and what their work encompasses. Panelists will also answer questions from the audience.


Open Doors: Building an Inclusive, Collaborative Food Project
Room: HM 438

Joelle Asaro Berman (Moderator)
Brooklyn Bridge CSA

Anafidelia Tavares
CHF Outreach and Medical Epidemiologist, Crown Heights CSA

Kimberley Wong 
Program Director, BronxWorks 

Terri White. HS-BCP 
Geriatric Care Manager, Crown Heights CSA Subsidized Share Liaison

Local food brings lots of benefits...but sometimes it only reaches those in the know, or those with the dough. How can we make our community food projects more accessible to everyone? Whether it's about making people feel welcome in your food community, or making sure that folks on lower incomes can afford to be part of your food projects, there are plenty of ways to open our doors to new neighbors. Join us for a interactive discussion--we want to hear your ideas, challenges, and triumphs.

Community Food Projects