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Introduction to Beekeeping
Room: HM 432

Dan Carr
Beekeeper/Livestock Experimentation Manager, Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture

An introduction to beekeeping is a crash course in apiculture, walking participants through a brief history of beekeeping, the issues around beekeeping today, and the importance of apiculture in maintaining a healthy food system. We’ll discuss the anatomy of a honey bee; the biology and life cycle of the colony; as well as equipment, hive architecture and basics in beekeeping safety.


NYC Community Composting Collaborations
Room: HM 148

Aleks Jagiello
Founding Member, Eastern Queens Composters

Melissa Young
Volunteer, Eastern Queens Composters
Senior Program Manager, Environmental Finance Center at Syracuse University

Kathryn Azhar
Volunteer & Educator, Eastern Queens Composters 

Leah Retherford
Farm Manager, Queens County Farm Museum

Marisa DeDominicis
Director, Earth Matter

Andrea Lieske
Resource Recovery Manager, Earth Matter

Kim Kullmer
Volunteer & Outreach Coordinator, Earth Matter

This workshop will highlight three dynamic Community Composting collaborations in NYC. Eastern Queens Composters, a volunteer group made up of Queens Master Composters, has been working with Queens Farm to develop their Community Compost Operation over the past five years. This collaboration has resulted in a beautiful compost education site, a well-designed food scrap drop-off site for the public, and the creation of high quality compost for Queens Farm's vegetable fields, perennial gardens, pastures, and lawns.

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