Leah Eden photo

Leah Eden

Director of Food Policy, Office of NYC Council Member Ben Kallos, District 5

Leah Kabran Eden is the Food Policy Director for Council Member Ben Kallos, where she works to advance a food policy agenda that makes New York City’s food system more equitable, environmentally responsible, accessible and delicious. As the Director of Research and Communication at Heritage Radio Network, a Brooklyn based non-profit food radio station, Leah produced original radio programming and cultivated relationships with members and sponsors. Leah conducted legislative research, communications material, and assisting in the writing of a Food Insecurity Nutrition Incentive Program federal grant during her time as the policy intern for Wholesome Wave. Before moving to New York, Leah spent 8 years in Baltimore conducting qualitative research to uncover how consumers think about health and food for some of the world’s largest food companies. Leah holds a Bachelor of Arts in Cultural Anthropology from Boston University and a MA in Food Systems with emphasis on food and agriculture policy from New York University.